A course to help you move from financial chaos to financial fulfillment in 7 short weeks


In this course we will:

Stop the cycle of chaos and confusion and learn the steps to take to begin getting organized

- Understand where our money comes from and where it goes

Minimize unnecessary spending to increase cash flow; learn how to prepare an "audit" of your cash flows to take control of your money!

Create a plan for going-forward record keeping

Create a simple budget to live from month-to-month

Create a cash flow for your business so you can go to sleep at night knowing the bills will be paid

Learn to differentiate between personal and business financials

Understand the difference between cash flow and profit and how to manage each

Understand key financial statements and financial concepts so you can start having conversations with accountants and bookkeepers

Learn the most important questions you need to ask daily, weekly, monthly and annually to take control of your money and financial resources

Create simple, easy to use processes for managing your money and financial resources

- Learn to look at the "big picture" of your money!

BONUS MODULE!!!  Learn how to use the basics of Quickbooks Online and simple excel spreadsheets to GET ORGANIZED NOW!

BONUS MODULE #2 you won't want to miss...make 2016 the year you finally get your taxes organized and filed ON TIME! And, how to get get paid if you own a business.